Another English in Action Week

At the beginning of the second term the students of 4a, b and c enjoyed an exciting week with the four British teachers Jennie, Suzanne, Keith and Caleb at our school.

Read some of our students‘ final statements:

  • I enjoyed the interesting experience of talking only English for a whole week. (Niklas, 4C)
  • For me, EiA was extremely useful. (Nina, 4C)
  • I must admit that it was a great time. I enjoyed the time with our teachers Jennie and Keith, who tried their best to prepare us for life. Thanks for the time. (Selina, 4C)
  • It was a very cool week in which I learnt a lot of different stuff about Great Britain and the English language. (Moritz, 4C)
  • I liked the lessons with the British teachers so much that I would like to have another EiA week. (Tim, 4C)
  • To be honest, I thought the EiA week would be boring, but I really liked it. It was great fun and I was very sad when EiA was over. (Emilie, 4C)
  • I‘d like to say thank you to Calab and Suzanne, our teachers. We played awesome games and preparing different projects was cool, too. (Oliver, 4C)
  • Our teachers Keith and Jennie were very funny and helpful. (Batuhan, 4C)
  • I think I’m going to talk more English in my future English lessons, because before EiA I was scared to talk English. (Mara, 4C)
  • I recommend everybody to participate in an EiA week because it’s really interesting and useful. (Szilard, 4C)
  • EiA was something new. I liked all lessons because the teachers prepared a lot for us. Most of all I liked the games with Caleb. (Alma, 4C)


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