A sporty week in Carinthia

Stepping out of the bus in Millstatt, we – the 6A and 6B students – were welcomed with a beautiful view of the lake from the hotel balconies.

The highlight of the first day was, of course, the lake. Some people played beach volleyball, others enjoyed the pre-summer temperatures while splashing around in the wadeable parts of the lake. Sadly, we weren't allowed to stay fresh by jumping into the cold water.

The rest of the day we spent doing our chosen sport activity, kayaking, tennis, sailing, climbing, windsurfing, golf, or volleyball.

On day two we already had the full program going on. After breakfast, the first courses started. Most of the students didn't have to walk a long distance, some were even chauffeured to the location of their courses. The trainers were all very friendly and not only did we socialize much more than usual with the other classmates, we also got to know other people from different parts of Austria.

This went on for the next few days in splendid weather – with the exception of Wednesday when it rained. Still, in the afternoon most students were able to attend their courses again.

It was a beautiful week and we hope future classes get to enjoy it as much as we did.


Philipp Liu, Alexia Dinu, Antonia Opferkuch and Fiona Riedl (6AB)


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